Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy so you can contact us any time for your suggestions and your issues. We will make sure that your information should not share to any person who can use these details for personal benefits.

Collecting cookies from your computer device is a simple and easy task. These cookies actually tell us about your interests and your browsing details. Using these cookies ad companies can show most relevant ads to your computer device. You should not block cookies at your device because this will results in some irrelevant ads for your web browser or the websites that you are going to browse at your computer device.

Your name, your email ID and your other kind of personal details are very critical and confidential details so we make sure that save this information to our servers till we do not need these details in future. You will get all details for making configurations for your wifi device from this website but for that you will need to browse our complete blogs and articles and manage the configurations for your devices.

We do not demand any kind of personal details or contact details from children and if your child shared this kind of details with us then you can contact our team immediately. You can also email us your queries and we will resolve these kinds of issues that you are getting with your device.